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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

In SIE Center we co-design solutions with the companies in order to improve their capabilities.

"Creative thinking became so important to be left only to designers"

Our innovation program is based in the methodology Design Thinking, used by big enterprises to improve the experience of their customers. This methodology has five steps that, through an iterative process, will allow us to find the best solution for the user/customer.

During the course you will not only learn the Design Thinking methodology but also will explore more creative techniques, different types of innovation, business model canvas, prototypes techniques and more tool that may be used later in your organization.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative process, focused in the customer that allows the work team to solve a problem in an innovative way that leads to an increment of utility for the organization.


The members of the team will develop a divergent and convergent thinking that will allow the creation of desirable, feasible and viable solutions.

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Typs of Innovation

When we talk about innovation, we usually think about the development of new products but the solution is to think in a global way, combining strategically ten types of innovation to create competitive advantages and generate a high added value for the client, regardless of the size or type of industry to which they belong.

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